Today is february the fourteenth and whilst some of you love birds might be looking forward to celebrating St.Valentine for me its a chance to design a few greetings cards.

This year my little bears have taken on a makeover. I redrew them so that they looked a bit more jolly and cuddly like one would expect a bear to be..

I love to use play on words with my greeting cards – they make designing fun and that I’ll know it will put a smile on peoples faces.

The range of bear cards feature Dear Mrs or Mr bear I love you beady much (play on the word very ’cause they’re bears get it…)

These have proved very popular this year and the makeover bears got their first showing at Top Drawer Spring/Summer where I sold a few to the lovely Blue Lias Gallery in Lyme Regis and the ever so lovely gallery iapetus in Great Malvern.

The little husband and wife bears have proven popular on Etsy too. Sending them overseas to the U.S which I love doing. I think its so exciting to send something you’ve created to another country! If only I could ship myself to these places for a couple of pounds!

Whatever you get up today Happy Valentines day

Love Hannah x