I’m a lover of trying to find a unique paper or textured card – something a little different. So when I came across paper embedded with wildflower, veggie and herb seeds I couldn’t resist!

The paper has a fab texture you can really see and feel. My favourite might have to be the parsley paper as you can smell the parsley! or maybe the Dill paper as it has a slight green tinge to it and the seeds are a little bigger, you can really see them! oh too much choice!

My watercolour illustrations suit the card well and have become really popular range of seed cards. Seed cards are available from my Etsy shop, and in a few selected shops up and down the country. They can even be found across France thanks to the lovely people at Zazous Editions!  The wildflower card is a popualar choice for wedding stationery too. Especially the more rustic countryside ones!

Each little seed card has simple instructions printed on the back and can be used for many occasions. I’m hoping to create a gardening journal to show you the results so keep your eye out for some funky photos! I’m hoping to do a professional looking photobook for Top Drawer so that I can show people what happens to a card once you plant it. I’m not exactly green fingered (not sure if I should admit to that!) But I tend to forget to water my poor plants! I was a little unprepared at Top Drawer this year. People walk past so quickly I need to show off my little seed cards more and have proof that they do actually grow! I have big plans for next years stand design.

I also have many ideas for lots of designs which is good! At Top Drawer in January I had a small selection of greetings cards which was a bit embarrassing next to some fully loaded stands! So I hope to bash out lots of new cards and make my Top Drawer 2018 stand very snazzy…. watch this space!

Above you’ll see a small selection of photographs

H x