2 Funky Floral Enamel mug 8cm


A pair of funky floral enamel mug perfect for camping trips, the outdoors or even just to jazz up the mug shelf! Perfect gift for tea and coffee lovers too!

These enamel mugs have been had decorated with my floral pattern, a jolly yellow inside and teal details on rim and handle.

Size: Diameter: 8 cm Capacity: 0.35 l / 11.8 oz

Each mug will come with a little seed gift tag that you’ll be able to plant afterwards, something a little fun and continuing the outdoors theme!

Why chose an enamel mug?

● Safe for the health of your family members and anti-allergenic,

● Resistant to rust and rubbing out,

● Non-toxic,

● Easy to clean,

● Resistant to acids from food and beverages,

● Resistant to UV rays, retains its colour for years,

● Functional, it can be used to make meals in those dishes, eat in them or reheat food.

● Stylish, it reeflects the past in a stylish and modern design,

● Great for camping, mountain trips, fishing with friends, at home, in the office, for coffee, hot chocolate… ready for every place and circumstance!

Can gift wrap and send direct to your loved one with a note if required. Any questions please feel free to ask! 

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Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 19 × 16 × 7 cm