I’m not exactly technical when it comes to online bits and bobs, give me a computer to draw with and that’s no problem online stuff – hard! It got to the point where I needed a website to direct people to. I wanted something that was a contact point and showcased my style of work. So when it came to needing a website I asked the cool crew at Teapot Creative, down in Hambridge to help me. My website has been rumbling away in the background for months and I’ve finally got my new website up-and-running! After waiting an absolute age for items from me Teapot Creative have helped create this wonderful website you see before you! I owe them many tea pots for being very patient! Who knew it was so hard to write about yourself!

So thank you team for my snazzy website! I’m really pleased with the Etsy link. It makes selling online through my website a lot easier trouble is I need to make my Etsy products look extra good to match the website.