Oh dear… I’ve slightly neglected my blog over the last year, where has the time gone!

Lots of great things have happened over the last 18 months since I last wrote a post so I have plenty to share with you all.

So I left things in June 2017, with a little update about my seed cards. These little cards have been doing extremely well for themselves. I attended Top Drawer in January 2018 and received many lovely wholesale orders. My cards can now be seen in Blackwell’s Bookshops, Eden Project, Kew Gardens and many other lovely boutique galleries and shops up and down the country. I’m busy preparing for Top Drawer 2019 and this time I’ve decided to go full on with the seed cards. With a little help from Botanical Paperworks I thought I would push these little beauties this year and not show off any normal printed cards. I’m panicking as I’ve only got 2 weeks to pull everything together… I thought I was so organised this year!

    So what else has been happening. Christmas 2018 has happened, it was a busy one with me attending 10 Festive markets. Some brilliant some not so brilliant. Lots of hard work over a 6 week period with no weekends off and catching up with day to day print tasks and personalised orders it was a lot to get through.


One other big thing that happened in 2018 is that I attended RHS Tatton Park. An RHS eventheld in Cheshire. I hired a van and moved myself and thousands of cards to a little wooden hut for a 5 day event. It was a great show but really hard work on your own, I’ve never put up a shelf on my own before!  Luckily my Grandma lives about 30mins down the road so I was well looked after from a hard days wheeling and dealing. I met some lovely people and was even opposite the BBC Northwest garden of the year, hoping to get my 15mins of fame.

Next year I hope to attend RHS Tatton park and Malvern Spring festival!

Well I thinks that’s plenty for now and I’ll try and update this blog a bit more frequently!

Thank you

Hannah xx