Seed Cards

My little seed cards are greetings cards embedded with various seeds. Once the greetings card has been enjoyed it can then be planted where it will grow as part of you flower, herb or vegetable garden.

You can purchase one of my little seed cards from my shop or for a Trade brochure please click here to see my current range.

The handmade paper is made with post-consumer material, meaning that no new fibres were used in the production of the paper. And because when the paper itself is planted, it composts away leaving only wildflowers or herbs or vegetables and NO WASTE! A truly eco friendly product!

Seed Cards

What grows?

The recycled paper pulp is then embedded with wildflower, herb or vegetable seeds. When you plant the paper in a pot of soil or outside in the garden, the seeds in the paper geminate and grow into plants!

The wildflower seed paper contains a mix of wildflower seeds including Bird’s Eye, Clarkia, Black Eyed Susan, Sweet Alyssum, English Daisy, Catchfly, and Snapdragon. We also have a variety of herb seeds available as well as veggie seed papers. All the seeds are NON-GMO and tested and approved for planting in countries across the globe.

Are the seeds safe for planting? 

Yes, all the seeds used in seed papers are tested for purity and are approved by the APHA for planting in many countries worldwide. Please do contact me if you require a phytosanitary certificate for shipping and customs.

Are the seeds you use in your seed paper NON-GMO?

Yes, the seed paper only contains seeds that areof the highest quality and germination. All the seeds we handle are NON-GMO (genetically modified organism).

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